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How It Works

A Curated Data Marketplace for All Data Needs

People tend to think of big data and analytics in terms of utilizing their internal data. The problem is that this does not give us the full picture.

ALTADATA fills this gap by providing clean, organized, and curated data sets that the user can select, quickly assess, and immediately start using.


Benefits for Data Consumers

Focus on your real work instead of wrangling with data.

  • Get the most of the data that you need in one place
  • Use our extensive documentation and data dictionaries as a guide
  • Benefit from curated, cleansed and normalized data

Disciplined quality standards are applied to all data.

Meaningful Statistics Right From The Start

Consistent calculations of derived statistics not only require reliable raw data but also cleansing, normalizing and curation. ALTADATA has done all of this for you. Don’t waste time searching, cleansing and normalizing; start analyzing. We leverage years of customer feedback and consulting experience to also include meaningful ratios and insights in our data sets.


Data for Alternative Purposes

Companies are increasingly seeking better insights by utilizing third-party data. Different roles in a company can use our data sets for alternative purposes.

Investors can access historical data and see trends in prices and market activity. By combining data sets from different domains, they can detect changes in tastes and preferences and make more prudent investment decisions. Our long history of data sets cover periods of turmoil, crises, unjustified pessimism, irrational exuberance, asset bubbles, regulatory intervention, market domination by a company and many other phenomena that fast forwards the investor’s experience.

Easy and Secure Way to
Monetize Your Data

ALTADATA is a secure data delivery channel. You have full control over how your data is priced and delivered.