The idea of a data marketplace originated from years of business analytics and management consulting experience of our founders. Whether we optimized marketing spend, predicted renewable energy markets, designed performance-based compensation systems, structured efficient financing for infrastructure projects, or installed enterprise systems for corporate staffing, it became evident that the richer the data, the more relevant the analytics. We observed that for a business to position itself optimally and allocate its resources efficiently, it needs external market data, a historical perspective, and scientific and unbiased execution of strategy. All of this requires high quality and rich datasets. Data may well become the most important resources of the 21st century.

We set out to build a reliable data source for solving pressing problems, a data marketplace. At ALTADATA, our mission is to extract value from the world's data. We aspire to become the marketplace of choice for data providers who wish to popularize their data, and a rich resource for problem solvers who need to quickly access datasets and curated insights.

The recent phenomenon of free-form unchecked information dissemination through social media and the internet makes reliable data marketplaces even more essential.


  • Speed is a requirement; data is refreshed fast enough for dynamic machine learning and AI applications
  • Availability and reliability meet high standards with fault tolerant, solid infrastructure
  • Excellent user experience, and curated insights motivate repeat visits
  • Diverse datasets provide opportunity to discover new relations and new insights

Our world is a complex place. This is presenting dangers that we never thought about in the last century. Facts are disputed as fake, high probabilities are discounted as low probabilities. Opinions precede evidence. Many influencers first form an opinion, then look for evidence that confirms it. We are presented with the danger of starving urgent problems of resources and allocate resources instead and rush to solve what will turn out to be not so urgent. Now, more than ever, separating noise from signal with the aid of high-quality datasets is of utmost importance. Our vision is that ALTADATA marketplace will contribute greatly to evidence-based analysis and problem solving in 2020’s.