ALTADATA Announces New Partnership with Database Directories

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Database Directories, the leading Canadian provider of data on the location, type, and contact information for Private, Public and Indigenous Schools in Canada. Through this partnership, we will make various data products available on ALTADATA's Data Marketplace.

ALTADATA Announces New Partnership with Database Directories

Altadata Insights, Inc. (ALTADATA), a cloud-based data and insights marketplace, is proud to announce a new partnership with Applied Geographic Solutions, Inc. (AGS). Through this partnership, AGS will make their demographics, spending, crime, and other data products in the United States available to Altadata’s marketplace on

Database Directories is the leading provider of superior, current, accurate, and detailed contact information for Canadian schools. Our directory of Canadian schools is updated regularly by our experienced team of consultants and investigators to ensure you are using the most up-to-date and accurate information to connect with clients in the education sector and hit your marketing goals.

Canadian Schools - Basic data product includes each school, ministry, and district’s name, address, phone number, fax number, a primary contact name (e.g.,: Principal, Superintendent, etc.), website address, grade levels, student enrolment numbers, and a language indicator.

Canadian Schools – Enhanced data product offers all the data included in the basic option , and includes all secondary staff contacts at each entry, where available (e.g., administrative and curriculum contacts at the boards, and principals, VPs and secretaries at the schools).

"We are excited about our new partnership with Altadata”, said Matthew Taylor, Director of Database Directories. “It is an incredible opportunity for Database Directories to work with ALTADATA as we work towards expanding our marketing reach.”

Onur Bilgili, COO at ALTADATA, says, “We are excited about the addition of Database Directories’ school data products because they add a unique value and provide different use-cases to our existing suite of data products allowing for our clients to acquire the data they need, and do their analytics.”


Altadata Insights, Inc. (ALTADATA) is a cloud-based data and insights marketplace that provides diverse ready-to-use data and analytics platform for subscribers to quickly discover and start generating insights from their data. Today we enable data providers and consumers to easily exchange curated datasets. Furthermore, with ALTADATA’s EPO analytics, you can instantly gain a better understanding of your data, discover key relationships, find important drivers, and build predictive and prescriptive models allowing for better insights without any prior mathematics or coding experience. Whether you are a manager, a business analyst, or a data scientist, Altadata’s curated data products and analytics platform help to create value through data.

About Database Directories

Database Directories is the leader in providing superior quality contact information for Canadian schools. We hold ourselves to the highest standard with respect to our data, providing you with exceptional contact information that is unrivaled in the industry. We have over 25 years of experience in providing email marketing solutions and comprehensive databases of mailing lists, email addresses, and contact information for several Canadian Industries. We are committed to providing clients with superior data to help them achieve their marketing goals.

For more information:

Michelle Louko
Altadata Insights Inc.
SVP, Sales and Partnerships
[email protected]

Database Directories
Matt Taylor
Database Directories
[email protected]

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