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The modern way to package, publish, sell, and distribute data assets with data consumers to generate new revenue.


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New Market Opportunities

Reach new customers globally and increase your revenue.

Customer Experience

Give your subscribers a fast, safe, and cost-effective way to find and access your data and services.

Offer Flexible Plans

Control your pricing and create offers to sell full or partial datasets, monthly or annually, with history or only current views.

Lower Data Delivery Cost

Altadata provides digital license agreements, automated data transfer, billing and collecting, real time usage tracking, and other custom processes.

Leverage Your Data with EPO

Altadata's analytics platform EPO provides new ways to create powerful solutions with its data discovery, predictive and prescriptive modeling features.


Manage Your Content and Updates

Create your own data product content, update dynamically, and automate metadata creation process.


Why list your data on the ALTADATA marketplace?

Altadata is a modern, cloud-based marketplace that empowers data vendors and subscribers to exchange data and analytics in a seamless way. You can easily package, publish, sell, and distribute data assets on Altadata.

Whether you are an established data provider looking to get in front of new subscribers, or have a niche dataset and are looking for creating your first channel, Altadata has the infrastructure to make it happen.

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