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ALTADATA is a secure data delivery channel. You have full control over how your data is priced and delivered.

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You have total control over your data

You have total control over pricing. We can guide pricing to make it compatible with other data products but you have the last say. We provide auditable monthly usage tracking report with traffic, volume and subscription revenue data. You can setup your data product to be public or accessible by a chosen data consumer group.


ALTADATA Ecosystem

More people will be aware of your data through our channel. Our ecosystem allows you to leverage your data with other dataset from our partner channel through bundling arrangements. We can provide support for enhancing and curating your data with analytics. You will get seamless data delivery infrastructure through our APIs.


Favorable Commercial Benefits

Our sharing arrangement is favorable for the data owner. We share a higher percentage of the revenue if your data is unique, popular, and has high coverage.

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