CAISO (California) 5 Min. RTM LMP Prices for 100 AP Nodes

Updated Daily
Since 2016

Real-Time Market 5 minutes Locational Marginal Prices (LMP) for 100 Aggregated Pricing Nodes (AP Nodes) in $/MWh since 2016

This is an example data from history; subscriber data is updated daily
Charts of CAISO (California) 5 Min. RTM LMP Prices for 100 AP Nodes


  • Short-term commitments (forecast) of Locational Marginal Prices (LMP)
  • Seasonal average and distribution of price
  • Historical trade area and regional price analysis
  • Congestion and loss analysis for efficient operations
  • Valuation of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's)




CAISO (California) 5 Min. RTM LMP Prices for 100 AP Nodes


This data product offers five minute interval prices for selected 100 Aggregated Pricing Nodes (AP Nodes) in CAISO since 2016. The AP Nodes coverage of the product is given below.

APNode or APN is an Aggregated Pricing Node (Aggregated Pnode) that can be a Load Aggregation Point, Trading Hub or any group of Pricing Nodes as defined by the California ISO.

LMP is the locational marginal price where demand at that PNode consistent with existing Transmission Constraints and the performance characteristics of resources. The Transmission Provider determines separate components of the LMP for the marginal cost of Energy, Marginal Cost of Congestion, and Marginal Cost of Losses relative to the Reference Bus, consistent with the following equation:

LMP = Energy + Loss + Congestion + GHG

AP Nodes Coverage

Here are the list of selected AP Nodes in this data product:

Node Type Number of AP Nodes
Trading Hubs (TH) 3 AP Nodes
Default Load Aggregation Points (DLAP) 4 AP Nodes
Energy Imbalance Market Load Aggregation Points (ELAP) 9 AP Nodes
Metered Load Aggregation Points (MLAP) 4 AP Nodes
Sub Load Aggregation Points (SLAP) 20+ AP Nodes
Custom Load Aggregation Points (CLAP) 35+ AP Nodes

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Metric Coverage

For each AP Node, you will find:

  • LMP (Locational Marginal Price)
  • Energy Price
  • Congestion Price
  • Loss Price
  • Green House Gas prices (GHG price occurs in limited AP Nodes)

Data Collection Methodology

  • Data is cleansed and organized to provide a ready for analysis dataset
  • Both historical and current dates of operations are aggregated
  • All date and hours are quality checked for consistency and completeness
  • Data updates from CAISO every day

California Independent System Operator (CAISO) is a non-profit Independent System Operator serving California. It oversees the operation of California's bulk electric power system, transmission lines, and electricity market generated and transmitted by its member utilities.

Key Features

  • Five-minute interval prices in $/MWh
  • Updated daily by 5:00 PM PST
  • Historical data goes back to 2016
  • Covers 3 Trading Hubs, 4 Default Load Aggregation Points, 8 Energy Imbalance Market Load Aggregation Points, 23 Sub Load Aggregation Points, 37 Custom Load Aggregation Points and 4 Metered Load Aggregation Points

Data Provider

Alta Bering

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