CAISO (California) Hourly Actual and Forecast Demand

Updated Daily
Since 2016
TAC Areas

Hourly consolidated demand data for actual and forecast values for CAISO trade areas and regions

Charts of CAISO (California) Hourly Actual and Forecast Demand


  • Short term commitments (forecast) of demand
  • Seasonal average and distribution of actual demand and forecast errors
  • Historical trade area and regional load analysis


CAISO (California) Hourly Actual and Forecast Demand


This data product offers hourly actual and forecast demand in California's Transmission Access Charge Areas (TAC) and Balancing Authority Areas.

Electricity demand is measured in kilowatts (kW) and represents the rate at which electricity is consumed. Meeting the growing demand for energy in a safe and environmentally responsible manner is a key challenge and a reliable grid operation is dependent on adequate supply and flexible resources.


This product provides hourly actual and forecast demand in CAISO TAC (Transmission Access Charge) Areas:

Type Code Name
EIM AZPS Arizona Public Service
EIM IPCO Idaho Power
EIM PACE PacifiCorp East
EIM PACW PacifiCorp West
EIM PGE Portland General Electric
EIM BCHA Powerex
EIM PSEI Puget Sound Energy
EIM SRP Salt River Project
EIM SCL Seattle City Light
EIM MWD-TAC The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
TAC PGE-TAC Portland General Electric - TAC
TAC SDGE-TAC San Diego Gas & Electric - TAC
TAC SCE-TAC Southern California Edison - TAC
TAC VEA-TAC Valley Electric Association

Metric Coverage

For each regional or TAC, this product provides:

  • Actual Demand
  • Day Ahead Demand
  • 2 Days Ahead Demand
  • 7 Days Ahead Demand

Data Collection Methodology

  • Data is cleansed and organized to provide a ready for analysis dataset
  • Both historical and current dates of operations are aggregated
  • Actual and forecast demands are aggregated
  • All date and hours are quality checked for consistency and completeness
  • Data updates from CAISO every day.

California Independent System Operator (CAISO) The California Independent System Operator is a non-profit Independent System Operator serving California. It oversees the operation of California's bulk electric power system, transmission lines, and electricity market generated and transmitted by its member utilities.

Key Features

  • Includes hourly actual and forecast demand
  • Updated daily at 5:00 PM ET
  • Historical data goes back to 2016
  • Covers all TAC Areas and EIM regions


7 Data Columns

Operation Timestamp (opr_ts)

The date and hour when the market runs and energy is supplied to load

Geography Type (geo_type)

The dimension to specify the apnode generation is whether for transmission access charge area or regional

Transmission Access Charge Area (tac_area_name)

The name of the portion of the CAISO Controlled Grid as identified in Section 3 of Schedule 3 of Appendix F

Total Actual Hourly Integrated Load (demand_actual_mw)

Actual load in megawatt

Demand Forecast Day Ahead (demand_dam_mw)

Day ahead forecast in megawatt

Demand Forecast 2-Day Ahead (demand_2da_mw)

2-Day ahaed forecast in megawatt

Demand Forecast 7-Day Ahead (demand_7da_mw)

7-Day ahead forecast in megawatt

Data Provider

Alta Bering

Alta Bering is a Data Curation and Business Analytics Company with its roots in management consulting and decision science. Alta Bering is based in British Columbia and also offers a visual business analytics platform called EPO to help solve complex business problems by using popular Machine Learning and statistical methods

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