Canadian Household Wealth Data 2020

Assets and Liabilities
Postal Code

Estimated dollar amounts of Canadian households' income, assets and liabilities for both Census and Postal geographies

Charts of Canadian Household Wealth Data 2020


  • Wealth data is useful in bank, ATM and retail location optimization planning. It helps define where the opportunity is to reach the right type of customer (by market, region, postal code, etc.). For example, if opening a new financial institution where are the households that have a higher than average value of assets potentially for investing?
  • Business can use wealth data to determine the next best steps on how to expand and optimize their product offerings. By understanding the wealth profile and segments of consumers and the trade area, businesses can focus on offering the right product mix to meet needs of their customer base. For example, a financial institution may offer full service brokerage services if their customer base likes to trade in stocks and bonds.
  • Wealth data is useful in targeting applications when a company is trying to locate top prospect households to direct communication messages to in marketing efforts.
  • Wealth data is essential in the not-for-profit sector to find out which donors have the potential to give a major gift.
  • Wealth data is integral for policy development and for the implementation and evaluation across a range of areas including fiscal, monetary, taxation, social welfare and housing policy.


Canadian Household Wealth Data 2020


This data product provides 2020 Wealth Data at the postal (6-digit postal code level and higher) and Census geographies for Canada. The geographic hierarchy is provided to allow for geographic aggregations by Province, FSA Forward Sortation Area, DA Dissemination Area, CD Census Division, etc. It is updated on an annual basis.

Dimension Coverage
  • Canadian postal geography (FSA and FSALDU) and census geographies (Province, CMA/CA, CSD, CD, DA, Community). Note: data is based on Canada Post 6 digit postal code household count data. There is a no statistically appropriate data to differentiate Statistics Canada data at the postal code level. As a result, demographic statistics, when used at the average level, are only differentiated to the Statistics Canada Dissemination Area level (56,582 areas).
Variable Coverage
  • Income, assets and liabilities variables
Data Input Sources
  • Data sources are Statistics Canada Census, Survey of Financial Security, Taxfiler and Canada Post

Key Features

  • Canadian coverage at 6-digit postal code and higher geographies (census and postal geographies)
  • Current year estimates of household income, assets and liabilities
  • Modeled by industry experts with economic and mathematical backgrounds
  • Lower level geographies roll up to higher level geographies ensuring data consistency
  • Suitable for geo-spatial applications

Data Provider

Exceed Analysis

Exceed Analysis is a data modeling and location intelligence company. Exceed Analysis models databases to the postal code and conducts market research to optimize location networks and find the best business opportunities.


50 Data Columns

Update Year (year)

Update year of the data

Date (date)

Update year of the data point

6 Digit Postal Code (post_code)

Canada Post 6 Digit Postal Code

Province (prov)

Includes 10 Canadian Provinces. Excludes the Nunuvat, the Yukon and Northwest Territories

Forward Sortation Area (FSA) Code (fsa_code)

Forward Sortation Area

Forward Sortation Area (FSA) Name (fsa_name)

Forward Sortation Area Name

FSA Area Type (fsa_area_type)

Indicates if the area is urban or rural

FSA Region (fsa_region)

The region name of the first character of the FSA code that is defined by Canada Post Corporation

Census Division Code (cd_code)

Statistics Canada (STC) Census Division Unique Identifier Code

Census Division Name (cd_name)

STC Census Division Name

Census Division Name & Code (cd_name_and_code)

STC Census Division Name & Code (Hierarchy: Geography/Census Division)

Census Subdivision Code (csd_code)

STC Census Subdivision Identifier Code

Census Subdivision Name (csd_name)

STC Census Subdivision Name

Census Subdivision Name & Code (csd_name_and_code)

STC Census Subdivision Name & Unique Identifier Code (Hierarchy: Geography/Census Sub Division)

Census Subdivision Type (csd_type)

Census Subdivision Type

Census Metropolitan Area and Census Agglomeration Code (cma_ca_code)

STC Census Metropolitan Area and Census Agglomeration Unique Identifier Code

Census Metropolitan Area and Census Agglomeration Name (cma_ca_name)

STC Census Metropolitan Area and Census Agglomeration Name

Census Metropolitan Area and Census Agglomeration Code & Name (cma_ca_name_and_code)

STC Census Metropolitan Area and Census Agglomeration Name & Unique Identifier (Hierarchy: Geography/Census Metropolitan Area and Census Agglomeration)

Dissemination Area Code (da_code)

STC Dissemination Area Unique Identifier

Community Name (place_name)

Place name

Latitude (longitude)

Postal Code Latitude (Hierarchy: Geography/Coordinates/Latitude)

Longitude (latitude)

Postal Code Longitude (Hierarchy: Geography/Coordinates/Longitude)

Private Households (priv_hh)

Person(s) who share the same dwelling (includes expenditures) and do not have a usual residence elsewhere in Canada or abroad. Includes the entire population.

Total assets (total_assets)

Sum of variables …

Private pension assets (private_pensions)

Excludes public plans administered or sponsored by governments: Old Age Security including the Guaranteed Income Supplement and the Spouse's Allowance, as well as the Canada/Quebec Pension Plans

Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs), Locked-in Retirement Accounts (LIRAs) and other (rrsp_rrif_lira)

Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs), Locked-in Retirement Accounts (LIRAs) and other. Other includes Deferred Profit Sharing Plans, annuities and other miscellaneous pension assets.

Employer-sponsored Registered Pension Plans (EPPs) (employer_pension)

Current (termination) value of employer-sponsored Register Pension Plans

Financial assets, non pension (financial_assets)

Sum of variables ….

Deposits in financial institutions (bank_deposits)

Total value of money in the bank outside of registered retirement savings plans (includes Treasury Bills)

Mutual funds, investment funds and income trusts (invest_funds)

Total value of mutual funds, investment funds, and income trusts outside of registered retirement savings plans

Stocks (stocks)

Total value of stocks outside of registered retirement savings plans

Bonds (saving and other) (bonds)

Total value of bonds outside of registered retirement savings plans

Tax Free Saving Accounts (TFSA) (tax_free_savings)

Total value of tax free savings (max. contribution of $5,000 per year)

Other financial assets (other_fin_assets)

Includes Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs), mortgage-backed securities, money held in trust, money owed to the respondent and other miscellaneous financial assets, including shares of privately held companies.

Non-financial assets (non_fin_assets)

Sum of variables 13 to 16

Principal residence (home_value)

Current value of principle residence

Other real estate (other_real_estate)

Current value of all other real estate excluding principle residence

Vehicles (vehicle_value)

Current value of all vehicles including automotive, boats, and recreational vehicles

Other non-financial assets (oth_non_fin_assets)

Current value of all other non-financial assets other than real estate or vehicles (contents of home, jewelry, etc)

Equity in business (business_equity)

Current value of all business interests including property, machinery and equipment, intellectual property, etc

Total debts (total_debt)

Sum of variables 19 to 26

Mortgages (total_mortgage)

Sum of variables 20 to 22

Mortgage on principal residence (home_mortgage)

Loan that uses the principal residence as collateral

Mortgage on other real estate (other_mortgage)

Loan on real estate other than mortgage using principal residence as collateral

Line of credit (line_of_credit)

Current value of all lines of credit debt excluding credit card debt

Credit card and installment debt (credit_card_debt)

Includes major credit cards and retail store cards, gasoline station cards, et cetera. Installment debt is the total amount owing on deferred payment or installment plans where the purchased item is to be paid for over a period of time.

Student loans (student_loans)

Current value of student loans

Vehicle loans (vehicle_loans)

Current value of all vehicles loans including for automotive, boats, and recreational vehicles

Other debt (other_debt)

All other money owed

Net Worth (assets less debts) (net_worth)

Total assets (1) minus total debts (18)

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