IESO (Ontario) Generation by Fuel Type

Updated Daily
Since 2010
Nuclear, Hydro, Gas, Wind, Solar, Biofuel

Hourly energy output and capability for Ontario's generators with capacities 20 MW or greater

Charts of IESO (Ontario) Generation by Fuel Type


  • Short term energy demand forecast
  • Seasonal average and distribution of capacity factor
  • Historical energy transformation analysis by fuel types


IESO (Ontario) Generation by Fuel Type


This data product provides the hourly generator energy output and capability for generating facilities in the IESO energy market with a maximum output capability of 20 MW or more.

In this data product, you will find the output levels for Ontario's generators registered as a market participant, and their availability to produce by fuel type. Both conventional and renewable (wind and sunlight) fuel types are covered.

There are more than 175 generators by fuel types below:

Fuel Category Fuel Type
Conventional Nuclear
Conventional Gas
Conventional Hydro
Renewable Solar
Renewable Wind
Renewable Biofuel

Available capacity is the forecast for non-dispatchable generators (wind and solar) and represents an estimated output for the facility. It is derived from the maximum output of the facility (installed capacity), minus outages and derates, and takes into account the estimated availability of fuel (wind and sunlight). This value provides the best estimate of a potentially uncertain output.

Outages and Derates

  1. Outage information is based on outage requests sent to the IESO.
  2. Generators out of service for maintenance will appear as having zero capability during maintenance.
  3. Generator capabilities can be reduced (derated) due to any number of environmental, equipment or fuel supply issues that may limit the output of the generator, but do not require it to shut down.

Data Source

IESO (The Independent Electricity System Operator) works at the heart of Ontario's power system. The IESO delivers key services across the electricity sector including: managing the power system in real-time, planning for the province's future energy needs, enabling conservation and designing a more efficient electricity marketplace to support sector evolution.

Key Features

  • Includes available capacity and output by generation and fuel types in MW
  • Updated daily at or before 5:00 PM ET
  • Historical data goes back to 2010
  • Covers +175 generators and 6 fuel types


7 Data Columns

Delivery Datetime (delivery_dt)

Delivery date and time of the generation observation

Generator Name (generator)

Name of the generator in Ontario that is registered as a market participant, and available to produce

Fuel Category (fuel_category)

Indicates if the fuel type is conventional or renewable

Fuel Type (fuel_type)

Type of fuel in the selected generator

There are six type of fuel types in this product: Nuclear, gas, hydro, solar, wind, biofuel

Output (output)

Output is the actual energy production of the unit or facility. The hourly output is the facility's five-minute outputs averaged over an hour.

Capability (capability)

Capability is the maximum potential output of the unit or facility under current conditions, which includes maximum unit derates and outages for that hour. Actual capability is provided for nuclear, hydro, gas, and biofuel generation. Capability represents an estimated output for wind and solar generation.

Available Capacity (available_capacity)

Available Capacity is provided for wind and solar generation. It is the maximum potential output of the facility, minus derates and outages within the hour. This does not take into account the current availability of wind and sun (fuel) -which is reflected in the forecast.

Data Provider

Alta Bering

Alta Bering is a Data Curation and Business Analytics Company with its roots in management consulting and decision science. Alta Bering is based in British Columbia and also offers a visual business analytics platform called EPO to help solve complex business problems by using popular Machine Learning and statistical methods

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