IESO (Ontario) Hourly Nodal Prices

Since 2008
Ontario's 10 Zone
Nodal Price

Hourly nodal prices for Ontario's ten transmission zones

This is an example data from history; subscriber data is updated daily
Charts of IESO (Ontario) Hourly Nodal Prices


  • Short-term and long-term prediction of dynamic electricity prices
  • Diurnal and seasonal average and distribution of historical power prices
  • Peak and off-peak price range analysis


IESO (Ontario) Hourly Nodal Prices


This data product offers hourly wholesale power prices in Ontario's 10 transmission zones and their nodal zones.

The Ontario transmission system is mainly comprised of a 500 kV transmission network, a 230 kV transmission network, and several 115 kV transmission networks.

Nodal Zone Coverage

Here are the list of transmission zones and their respective nodal zones in this data product:

Geographical ZoneNode
Bruce Zone BruceB
East Zone Saunders C
Essa Zone Desjoachims
Niagara Zone BECK2
North East Zone Andrews
NP Iroquois Falls
North West Zone Atikokan
Pine Portage
Ottawa Zone TAOHSC
Southwest Zone GerdauCam
Toronto Zone Darlington
West Zone Greenfield

You can check out the Ontario Zonal Map for more details.

The hourly nodal pricing is not used for market settlements, but provides a representative indication of the relative cost of generation in each of Ontario's electrical zones based on transmission limitations and system conditions relative to generation and load.

Data Source

IESO (The Independent Electricity System Operator) works at the heart of Ontario's power system. The IESO delivers key services across the electricity sector including: managing the power system in real-time, planning for the province's future energy needs, enabling conservation and designing a more efficient electricity marketplace to support sector evolution.

Key Features

  • Includes hourly actual wholesale electricity prices in CAN$/MWh
  • Updated daily at or before 5:00 PM ET
  • Historical data goes back to 2008
  • Covers 10 Ontario zones including Bruce, East, Essa, Niagara, West, Toronto, Ottawa, North East, North West, South West

Data Provider

Alta Bering

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