Largest 100 Canadian Credit Unions in CCUA

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Canadian Credit Union Association

Top 100 Canadian Credit Unions in CCUA by asset size, reported semi-annually since Q4 2014

This is an example data from history; subscriber data is updated daily
Charts of Largest 100 Canadian Credit Unions in CCUA


  • Benchmarking based on assets, members and locations
  • Competitive analysis over years (rank changes, growth)
  • Credit Union Segmentation and Trends


Largest 100 Canadian Credit Unions in CCUA


This data provides the listing of the largest 100 credit unions/caisses populaires of Canadian Credit Union Association in Canada (excluding Quebec).

A Credit Union is a member-owned financial cooperative, controlled by its members and operated on the principle of people helping people, providing its members credit at competitive rates as well as other financial services.

The dataset contains semi-annually reports and a comprehensive overview of changes and shifts in the ranking of the top 100 Credit Unions in CCUA from the previous listing.

Credit Union Coverage

As per the latest report (Q2'20) , Top-100 credit unions have consolidated assets of $270.2 billion, 94.3% of the total 236 credit unions. There have been more than 200 Credit Unions have been in the Top 100 lists so far.

Metric Coverage

In this data product, you will have all the semi-annual reports from Q4'14 to Q2'20 consolidated, with current and previous ranks of the credit union for the given quarter, number of locations, total number of the members and consolidated assets.

  • Current Rank
  • Previous Rank
  • Total Number of Members
  • Total Locations
  • Consolidated Assets ($)

Data Collection Methodology

  • Data is cleansed and organized to provide a ready for analysis dataset
  • Both historical and current reports of the Largest 100 Credit Unions are aggregated
  • Names of the credit unions are revised backwardly to provide the current official name for data compatibility and continuity.
  • Data updates from Canadian Credit Union Association

Key Features

  • Updated semi-annually (by end of every Q1 and Q3)
  • 12 reports from Q4'14 to Q2'20 and ongoing consolidated in one
  • Covering all Canadian Credit Unions (excluding Quebec) in CCUA providing provincial info
  • Current and previous ranks as per the asset size for the reported quarter
  • Number of locations and members are given in addition to consolidated assets
  • Additional notes provided for mergers, acquisitions and amalgamations
  • Credit Unions' names revised backwardly for compatibility and data continuity

Data Provider

Alta Bering

Until a few decades ago majority of us were employed in real world businesses. Alta Bering came out of a history of production technology and reconciled it with sophisticated algorithmic math, an after-thought in enterprise system functionality.We believe efficiency is key to mitigating scarcity economics. In the early 2000s, we set our sights on helping companies achieve higher efficiency and growth, not just growth.Today we enable advanced prescriptive analytics for data scientists and enterprise cloud platforms. Our goal is to help business analysts step up to corporate responsibility.Contact us for more about how we deliver our predictive analytics consulting to large and medium sized clients.

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