MoneyPass ATM Locations and Features

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MoneyPass ATMs
Geo Location Data

This data product provides all MoneyPass ATM locations and features for around 27,000 locations

This is an example data from history; subscriber data is updated daily
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  • Competitive analysis and benchmarking
  • Consumer population matching with branch features in trade areas
  • MoneyPass ATM network location analysis and mobile app


MoneyPass ATM Locations and Features


This data product provides location and features data for all ATMs of the MoneyPass ATM Network.

MoneyPass is an interbank network owned by Brookfield, Wisconsin based Fiserv, the third-largest North American financial services company by revenue. MoneyPass is an important ATM network in the US since it provides surcharge-free ATMs for customers whose banks participate in the MoneyPass ATM Network.

In this data product, you will reach all ATM locations and features of MoneyPass ATM Network for around 27,000 locations. You can also use this data set to merge with demographic data by the zip codes or other address information which has been curated, quality checked and standardized.

Key Features

  • Updated weekly on Sundays
  • Covers MoneyPass ATM locations
  • Data is updating if a new ATM has opened/closed or updated a feature within a week
  • Standardized ATM service features and hours attributes
  • Parsed and standardized ATM address information
  • Provides latitude and longitude of each location so it can be used in geo-mapping applications

Data Provider

Alta Bering

Until a few decades ago majority of us were employed in real world businesses. Alta Bering came out of a history of production technology and reconciled it with sophisticated algorithmic math, an after-thought in enterprise system functionality.We believe efficiency is key to mitigating scarcity economics. In the early 2000s, we set our sights on helping companies achieve higher efficiency and growth, not just growth.Today we enable advanced prescriptive analytics for data scientists and enterprise cloud platforms. Our goal is to help business analysts step up to corporate responsibility.Contact us for more about how we deliver our predictive analytics consulting to large and medium sized clients.


26 Data Columns

Bank (bank)

Short code of the financial institution

Bank Ticker (bank_ticker)

Ticker symbol of the bank that identifies publicly traded shares of the bank's stock on the stock market

Bank Code (bank_code)

Five-digit ALTADATA unique product code

Date (date)

Snapshot date of data

Data Country (country)

Two-digit country code where the bank is located

Id (id)

Id of the facility

Name (name)

Given name of the facility

Type (type)

Type of the facility (Branch or ATM)

Type Detail (type_detail)

Type detail is the given type of the facility by the bank. If there is no specific type of the location, this value will be branch or ATM.

Web-Link (web_link)

Web-link is one of the verification fields where you can use to verify the location from the source. If there is no specific web link the value gives the bank's locator address and you can use the original address information to verify the location.

Special Note (special_note)

Special notes give additional information collected from the data source and standardized by the data provider. This information may indicate special conditions where it cannot be categorized in other data fields (i.e. Closure Alerts, Opening Alerts etc.)

Original Address (orig_address)

Original Address is the physical address given in the data source. This field can be used to verify the location by using web link or bank's web locator.

Latitude (latitude)

Latitude value of the facility location

Longitude (longitude)

Longitude value of the facility location

Address (address)

Address of the facility location

Address Country (addr_country)

Country information of the location's address

State/Province (addr_state)

State or Province of the location address

Region/County (addr_region)

Region or county of the location address

Locality/City (addr_locality)

Locality or city of the location address

Postal Code (addr_postal_code)

Postal code of the location address

Street Name (addr_street_name)

Street name of the location address

Street Number (addr_street_number)

Street number of the location address

Address QCP Score (addr_qcp_score)

Address QCP (Quality Check Points) score is a quality score between 0-100 that is ALTADATA's address verification process where machine learning and statistical techniques are used to clean, organize, and standardized original addresses. If the score is closer to 100 it means that the address provides precise location of the facility.

Address QCP Score Bin (addr_qcp_score_bin)

This score is derived and rounded from Address QCP Score field

Location Tags (location_tags)

Location tags give the list of relevant tags about the location. For example, an ATM is located in a gas station will have the following tags "ATM, Car Wash, Convenience Store, Establishment, Finance, Food, Gas Station, Point of Interest, Store". These tags can be used to identify the location properties and new tags are added by ALTADATA. There are more than 100 tags currently using to identify a place in this data set.

ATM Features (atm_features)

Features available at the ATM

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