NYISO (New York) Real Time Market Time-Weighted/Integrated Demand

Since 2008
Updated Daily
Control Area Load Zones
Hourly Frequency

Hourly average amount of energy (MWh) consumed by consumers in NYISO for all zones

Charts of NYISO (New York) Real Time Market Time-Weighted/Integrated Demand


  • Seasonal average and distribution of actual demand
  • Historical regional load analysis


NYISO (New York) Real Time Market Time-Weighted/Integrated Demand


Real time time-weighted/integrated amount of Energy (MWh) which is the average of real-time data over an hour consumed by certain consumers.

This data product offers houry actual demand for all zones (Zonal) in NYISO.


Here are the list of zones in this data product:

  1. New York Control Area Load Zones: One of eleven geographical areas located within the New York Control Area (NYCA) that is bounded by one or more of the fourteen New York State Interfaces.
    NYISO Load Zone Map
Load Zone Id Name
GENESE Genesee
CENTRL Central
MHK VL Mohawk Valley
CAPITL Capital
HUD VL Hudson Valley
MILLWD Millwood
DUNWOD Dunwoodie
LONGIL Long Island
  1. External Zones:
    NYISO External Zone Map
Load Zone Id Name
O H Ontario Hydro
NPX Incomplete

Key Features

  • Includes hourly integrated demand in MWh
  • Updated daily at or before 5:00 PM ET
  • Historical data goes back to 2008
  • Covers 11 New York Control Area Load Zones and 3 External Zones


4 Data Columns

Operation Timestamp (opr_ts)

The date and hour when the market runs and value supplied

Source Name (source_name)

Name of the Point

Integrated Load (integrated_load)

Real Time Committed Load averaged over the hour

Time Zone (time_zone)

Time Zone

Data Provider

Alta Bering

Alta Bering is a Data Curation and Business Analytics Company with its roots in management consulting and decision science. Alta Bering is based in British Columbia and also offers a visual business analytics platform called EPO to help solve complex business problems by using popular Machine Learning and statistical methods

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