World Bank Selected Indicators for Economic Policy & Debt

200+ Countries
World Bank
Since 1960

Yearly values of economic development indicators for 217 countries

This is an example data from history; subscriber data is updated daily
Charts of World Bank Selected Indicators for Economic Policy & Debt


  • Tracking progress of countries
  • Make economic projections


World Bank Selected Indicators for Economic Policy & Debt


The World Development Indicators is a compilation of relevant, high-quality, and internationally comparable statistics about global development and the fight against poverty. This product contains 17 indicators for 217 economies and more than 40 country groups, with data for many indicators going back more than 50 years.

Key Features

  • Historic data goes back to 1960
  • 217 economies
  • 40 country groups
  • Updated once a month on the first week of the month

Data Provider

Alta Bering

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